Pando is Cori Lin, Matt Lowe, and Chris Misch. Click each of their names to see and hear more of their work.

This project is reserved for experimentation and collaboration; a space to inspire each other to continuously create. The pieces here aren’t finished; they are works in progress to be critiqued, discussed, explored, built upon and reconsidered. We are here to respond to and build upon each other’s work, across media and genres. Pando is a way for us to connect to our friends and the things they care about. There are a ton of things that are cool and interesting and we should create art to celebrate them!

  P hoto taken from

Photo taken from

Pando is also the largest organism on Earth. It is a quaking aspen colony located in south-central Utah determined to actually be one continuous organism because instead of reproducing, the various trunks of the colony are just shoots from the same enormous root system. It covers about 106 acres, weighs an approximated 6,000 tons, and is about 80,000 years old. Learn more from the internet.