I spent way too long deciding what to do for this project.  My first reaction was graffiti lettering, but I'm unsure if I actually want to do graffiti or if I just like it.

Anyway, I decided to do some street art.  I follow some badass street artists on instagram (recently obsessed with hotxtea) and decided to just make something and put it on a wall.

JP's beat over the original lungs piece definitely reminded me of a heartbeat over the sound of breath. I pretty much only hear my heart/lungs when i'm dying at the end of a run, and my heart is like "no stop i'm weak heh heh." This is a self portrait of me plodding along. The city-scape in the background is based off of the sound cloud visualization of Lungs Reimagined (I know this is a cliche I know)

I definitely was freaking out when I "installed" the piece under the Blaisdell overpass on the Greenway.  I used a mixture of flour and water to make a paper-mache like glue. I used this wheatpasting guide.

Definitely learned some things about wheatpasting glue (sift the flour) and application (don't dip brush in dirt) but am super excited about my first **public art piece**

Note: I went back a few weeks later and they had painted over it! Damn you greenway maintanance crew!