The dectet is an amalgam: a combination of a classical chamber ensemble's sensitivity with the bombastic nature of a punk band. The music is best described with the label of the ever-evolving term jazz featuring undercurrents of hip-hop, contemporary classical, metal, electronic, indie-rock, and folk. “snapshots” is a collection of musical responses to personal events that happened in the year of 2013-2015. The intent was to capture the emotions brought on by those events in an audible form. 

Thanks to Kenny Werner, Dave Schroeder and the rest of the NYU jazz faculty for allowing me the time to cultivate this project. Thanks to one of the baddest dudes around Alan Ferber for coaching me to develop my own voice as a composer throughout this project. Thanks to Nick Keelan, Jose Encarnacion, Bill Carrothers, Nicole Buenzli and the rest of the Lawrence University faculty and community for pushing me to grow as a person and a musician. Thanks to Fred Sturm, your encouragement and guidance will forever be a personal torch that will help light my path. Thanks to my first teachers Ken Wiele and Louis Covelli for inspiring so many young people in Kenosha, Wisconsin including myself. Ken Wiele handed me the trombone in fifth grade and coached me through much of my childhood as a mentor and he is a truly amazing educator. Thanks to the artists that contributed to this project Cori, Muhammad, Ari, Al, Brittany, and Matt for providing physical prospects to an auditory experience. Thanks to Kyla, Brian Courage, Brian Krock, Josh, Jim, Peter, Elyse, Christian, and Mike for working/playing their asses off. Thanks to Luca and Sam for making everything sound so good! Thanks to a lot of my friends for being there through everything...y'all are some real ride or die homies and I love you. Thanks to Jana Greenslit for dealin with the ups and downs of dating a musician and remaining one of my best friends. Thanks to my family, including the ones that aren't related by blood. Big thanks to my mom for making so many sacrifices to make so many other peoples lives better. She is an amazing woman and I am so lucky to have such a hard working, dedicated, intelligent, ageless, optimistic, loving and supportive person in my corner. I know not everyone is as fortunate.


released December 11, 2015

Brian Krock - Bass Clarinet
Jim Piela - Alto Saxophone
Peter Scuderi - Flute
Elyse Barna - Oboe
Kyla Moscovich - Flugelhorn & Trumpet
Chris Misch-Bloxdorf - Trombone & Composition
Christian Li - Electric Piano
Michael Verselli - Piano
Brian Courage - Bass
Josh Bailey - Drums

Luca Bruegger - Tracking
Sam Minaie - Production, Mixing & Mastering

Cover art provided by Brittany Parshall