Chris's is the third installment of our first series of projects with prompts being presented by each of the members of Pando. Ooooo look, Matt is picking his nose in that picture! Check out more of his work on his website or his Soundcloud.

I write a lot of music…however, sometimes I get stuck writing in loops or any kind of repetitive pattern. Although the material will be good, it is not enough to stand alone as a piece of music. This week I took a loop that I wrote and deconstructed it in order to flush out the individual lines into a more natural progression that eventually arrives at the main loop. I did this by copying and pasting the loop several times and then stripping away layers randomly until I had something I liked. In “Seismograph” the loop will be played once first and then a small break of silence which leads to my deconstructed version back into the loop.

I want y’all to try to create something beginning with the “big picture” (e.g. the loop) first. Then take your “big picture” and deconstruct it (either randomly or not) in order to achieve insight into your creative process.

UPDATE: Since initially creating this piece I have recorded it with some really great musicians. Here is an unmixed version of the rough recording!!