An email from Corinne:

I am currently working as a line cook in a fine dining French Cajun restaurant, where I am sitting low in the hierarchy of chefs, and constantly learning from it. I've always enjoyed cooking, but working in a restaurant has completely altered my approach to the art. 

The head chefs eulogize the phrase "you're only as good as your last plate." Serving good food, like other arts, depends on a manic obsession with Quality, continuously. I've seen chefs throw away plates for absolutely indiscernible reasons, or make hundreds of the same dish with zealous perfectionism. The head chefs I respect brush off praise and criticism alike, because they are measuring themselves against some internal standard. This is a notional Quality, with a capital Q, the classic unidentifiable but instantly recognizable Quality.

The obsession with Quality is certainly not unique to restaurants. I think all three of you have this sense of Quality in your work, in different mediums that you explore with Pando. An nameless idea of Quality drives artists to make the art that they do. It is, in my opinion, what makes a piece of art genuinely speak.

However, to explore Quality with a capital Q, I am prompting you to look at it from a new angle. Explore a new activity, or everyday action, with an obsessive focus on Quality. Do something mundane really well- fanatically, excessively well. 

How did a focus on Quality change your view of the action? How did you approach the action? Did this approach burden or lessen the piece? What did you feel while trying to do something of Quality? What does it mean, to do something of Quality?

Good luck!

xoxo from rainy Wisconsin,